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From paddock to plate

Welcome To Abundance

Abundance is a majority owned Aboriginal company, established in 2014, committed to providing exceptional service and the best local produce.

We are a complete food supply business with formidable capabilities around fresh/processed fruit and vegetables.

Who Are We?

An Aboriginal business determined to make a positive change

Abundance has a skilled workforce with over 10% of our team being Indigenous employees committed to providing continuous benefits throughout the entire food chain from farm to end user.

We source in-season produce and promote ethical growing and Responsible sourcing practices.

Today we support some of the world’s biggest facility management providers including companies such as, Compass, Sodexo, Civeo, Brightwater and Qantas. We have solid agreements that provide for exclusive off-take with Aboriginal growers and community partnerships with Traditional Owners.

We provide s tangible opportunities for further Aboriginal employment, capability and capacity through its partnerships, with vertical agribusiness and profit flowing back into rural communities.

Abundance has a purpose built 12,000 sq m Distribution Centre in Canning Vale designed to efficiently manage the entire food supply process.

Our mission is to “be the difference in fresh produce”. Join us and be a part of the journey.

What We Do

Our guarantee starts in the paddock and ends up on the plate

Abundance fresh foods are exactly that – fresh! All of our produce is sourced from approved farms and delivered daily. We buy locally and from farms across Australia so that we can bring you the very best of high quality produce in season.

Our capabilities cover delivering daily fresh produce, processing on-site at our facility and providing custom Indigenous and native flavours. We cover the full scope of fresh food distribution.

We are cost efficient by improving delivery and processing from downstream food production.

We deliver to all major sectors including mine sites, quarantine zones, government organisations, aged care facilities, hospitals, QSR, production kitchens, food manufacturers, provedore sectors, chefs and large retail outlets.

Abundance has a well established and trusted reputation as a reliable supplier of its products throughout the food industry.

Fresh produce
Food processing
Quarantine management service
Custom Indigenous ingredients

Quality Assurance Guarantees

Our purpose-built facility is designed to efficiently manage the entire food supply process

Abundance is committed to developing innovative products adding value to customers’ business requirements. We work closely with clients and their chefs, to provide a full range of professionally made, convenient products that can be tailored to any industry requirements.

We are passionate about fresh seasonal food and providing our customers an all encompassing range of food possibilities – designed by chefs for chefs.

The management and team of Abundance fully understand their responsibility of providing safe, quality produce. Our team will handle and distribute fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products that comply with all Food Standard regulatory requirements.

We continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure our absolute reliability for ongoing customer satisfaction.

Abundance is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, chefs and industries ensuring that food safety requirements and preparation of safe food is maintained to ensure a consistently high quality product.

Our purpose-built facility is designed to efficiently manage the entire food supply process.

The Abundance difference in fresh produce

Quarantine Management

Our commitment to quarantine requirements

Abundance have the expertise and experience to process and deliver to quarantine zones.

We stringently cover all quarantine requirements and compliance standards for fresh fruit and vegetables.

For clients, like Chevron, we continue to meet the strict quarantine requirements essential for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables onto Class A Nature Reserve Barrow Island.

Our food quality and safety is assured from harvest to consumption with our facilities HACCP and Safe Quality Food (SQF) and HARPS accredited, guaranteeing a systematic application of risk controls.

We can also meet stringent quarantine requirements, with our purpose-built facility approved by Chevron for the Gorgon project on Barrow Island.

Our Service

We have the capabilities, purchasing power and expertise to offer a full range of fresh and innovative solutions

Abundance serves the needs of the catering, hospitality and retail outlets for fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables and quarantine management.

We source our produce direct from our farms and other aligned growers, local market and exclusive Aboriginal grower organisations.

We have full processing facilities to slice, dice, peel, package and deliver.

We guarantee you we will work collaboratively with you to deliver on your bespoke requirements.

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